About Us

Breaking Down Barriers: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion Through Skating and Hockey in Ghana.

At Blader Skates, we are more than just a skate collective - we are a community that is dedicated to promoting social inclusion, inspiring the youth of Ghana, and creating positive change. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where skaters of all ages and backgrounds can come together to learn, grow, and have fun.

We believe that skating is more than just a sport - it's a way of life. It teaches valuable skills such as perseverance, determination, and creativity that are essential for success both on and off the skateboard. Our experienced instructors are passionate about empowering the youth and helping them develop these skills, no matter their level of experience.

But we don't just stop at skating. We also have a passion for hockey and are dedicated to bringing this exciting sport to Ghana. Through our hockey programs, we are working to break down barriers and promote diversity in education, while providing a fun and engaging experience for all participants.

At Blader Skates, we are committed to making a positive impact in our communities. We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential. Through our programs and events, we are working to create a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and accepted.

So whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner, a hockey enthusiast or just looking for a new way to get involved, we invite you to join us at Blader Skates. Together, we can make a difference and be a part of something bigger.